What's everyone so afraid of?

BREAKING NEWS! Ridge Warns of ‘Credible’ al-Qaida Plot

Oh great, more terror news.

It seems to me that every time the Department of Homeland Security issues a bulletin about possible al Qaida plots or strikes, the only ones getting all worked up is the Department of Homeland Security.

Aren’t these the same people that told us, way back when, that we should just go about or daily lives and not let ourselves get too worried about terror plots and the like? This increased paranoia is neither healthy nor productive.

I have never seen an administration manufacture more hysteria than this one. They raise the terror level to ORANGE if someone’s shoes don’t fit right. They lower it back to YELLOW when they drop a few pounds. Everything’s a crisis. Everything is a potential terrorist plot.

Sure, I am worried about another strike. I think it’s wholly possible. And it’s our own fault.

Instead of dealing with what happened on September 11 the right way, we have set ourselves up for strikes from more sides than we could have possibly imagined. We’ve ruffled feathers and angered nations. We have gone on the offensive where we had no reason to. We’ve become even more of a bully than ever before, and that, along with our excessive lifestyles and abuse of power and money, is what got us into trouble in the first place.

Whatever happened to humility? Are we destined to be, now and forever, the nation that slaps the hand instead of the nation that holds the hand?

Yeah, I’m scared. I’m scared of the life that the children of my friends and family will have to lead. I’m scared of the decisions this administration is making. If I can be at all hopeful, it is that the next administration will be able to quell some of my fears.

But that doesn’t stop the fact that damage has already been done. Things will never be the same. I’ve accepted that as truth, but I don’t like it.